Whitely Residents get support from local primary schoolWest Midlands care home, Victoria Manor, have been very pleased with a local primary school’s wonderful gesture they were greeted with. 

Whitley Abbey Primary School have taken it in turns, for one classroom to draw pictures for the Residents and wave at them through the windows; some have also done either a dance, exercise or sang a carol.

The Residents have loved this and it has certainly brightened up their day.

The children also kindly brought the Residents a small light up Christmas tree for them all to look at.

“That has been lovely, they have melted my heart, what a lovely surprise,” one Resident said.

Another added, “It has made my day, how lovely of them, beautiful, kind children.”

Home Manager, Tina Booton, remarked, “It is nice to see the local community support towards the home and making the Residents’ day special. We are very grateful.”