World Ocean Day celebrated at Caerphilly care homeToday at Church View care home, which offers residential care and residential memory care, everyone felt very lucky that they were able to join in with a talk and quiz hosted by the Scottish Seabird Centre to mark World Ocean Day. 

Colleagues and Residents gathered in the lounge, and sat and listened as Charlotte from the Centre and the Marine Engagement Officer, guided everyone through a live presentation.

Residents, including Marie Mills, Bill Thomas, Valerie Davies, Enid Evans and Joan Andrews, sat and watched live stream videos of some of the wildlife around the Scottish Coast; it was amazing and everyone’s’ eyes were fixated.

Bill, who lives at the home, really enjoyed the facts and information given, as he is a sponge for knowledge.

One of the Residents said, “The quiz was amazing. We were so competitive here at Church View!”

The residents were conferring answers, and when they were revealed as correct there was uproar!

Ellen Smith, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Residents particularly enjoyed the quiz and all have asked if they can be signed up for more!”