Care home Resident’s wish comes true by holding a live snakeWhen Colleagues at HC-One’s Daneside Court care home, in Northwich, heard of one Resident’s rather unique wish to touch and hold a corn snake, they invited Zoolab to the home who provided a fully interactive animal workshop experience. 

Resident Olive Bowen, who has lived at the 64-bed residential and nursing care home for more than five years had her dream come true this month, having always wanting to touch and hold a corn snake. She, with many other Residents, Relatives and Colleagues, also had the opportunity to interact with a millipede, snail, sticking insect and rat. 
Zoolab representative, Chris Oldfield, who is an Educational Animal Presenter, delivered the workshop along with many interesting facts about creepy crawlies! He was able to accommodate Olive in holding the corn snake and he explained in great detail the snake’s environment and its habitat. Olive was over the moon and couldn’t thank Chris enough for her experience. 

When Olive was asked why she wanted to hold a corn snake, she explained that she trusts animals more than human beings, and she just loves them. She said that due to her being autistic and disabled she has more of an emotional connection with animals and explained that she has no fear and feels it’s a special gift.
“The corn snake was a beautiful colour, I loved it and I was happy to touch it, it felt like silk. 

Olive explained that when she was talking with Chris, he gave her the opportunity to explain how she felt about getting close to the animals. Even when the snake was close to her face, Olive said it was a beautiful sensation and explained to fellow Residents that, “The animals won’t harm you.”

Along with fellow Residents, Olive took advantage of touching the other insects and wasn’t shy of asking any questions about them. 

Doris Dunne, who also lives at Daneside Court, said that she thought it was wonderful seeing these beautiful creatures and asked lots of questions. 

Sharon Lelonek, Wellbeing Coordinator at Daneside Court, remarked, 
“During my booking with Zoolab I did specifically ask for the corn snake, knowing of Olives Wish. There was no hesitation from Olive, she touched the snake and was in awe, not just of the corn snake, but all the other animals that Chris had brought into the care home.”
“Olive was relaxed and wasn’t frightened in any way, shape, or form. It was wonderful to see her smile, to see her reach out and steer away from her comfort zone, and she didn’t let her autism get in the way.”
“The most beautiful afternoon for Olive and fellow Residents who all had an opportunity to see close up one of nature’s beauties - the natural world of the animals.”