Crafting sessions at Highgate care homeResidents at Highgate, nursing and nursing dementia care home in Uddingston, have been getting crafty in their activity sessions recently.

The Residents are always keen to get involved in arts and crafts and they have been making some fantastic pieces of art.

The first craft the Residents made were rainbow streamers. They use garden sticks and tape large pieces of rainbow streamers to the end of the sticks. Once one streamer was made it was just like a conveyer belt as everyone wanted one!

The streamers looked great, and they were used to dance and sing to some upbeat music. The lounge was filled with laugher from all the Residents.

All the Residents were having so much fun watching the streamers dance through the air and move with the music. Both Colleagues and Residents got involved and danced the afternoon away. 

Patsy, one of the Residents involved, said, “Oh look at the way it is waving round the room. It looks so magical.”

The crafting went down really well with the Residents so it was decided in the following activity session they were going to make sun catchers.

They used old CD’s as they caught the light perfectly. The Residents then used market pens to create designs on the CD’s and make lots of beautiful patterns. The CDs were then tied to coloured ribbons and attached to the branches of the tree outside.

As soon as the Residents saw their creations on the tree they were amazed. The tree was shimmering and sparkling. It looked beautiful. 
One of the Colleagues, commented, “It looks amazing you can see it sparkling all the way into the dining room when the sun is shining.”

Charlene Curtis, Care Home Manager, remarked, “The Residents have had so much fun recently in the crafting sessions. All their creations are fantastic.”