Giant bug day at Summerville homeColleagues at Warrington care home Summerville, had an idea for Resident arts and crafts which extended into the whole day and became a theme!

“We had a bug quiz accompanied by some bug music including tracks from ‘Adam and the Ants’ and ‘The Beatles’,” explained Care Assistant, Faye Rigby, who worked to organise the day. 

Residents, including Peter, Phyllis, Valerie and Josie, had cupcakes and snacks before creating some giant bugs which are proudly displayed in the home’s dining room.

“It was something different. I really enjoyed actually making something fun,” said one of the Residents.

Home Manager, Sharon Singleton, remarked, “It was a new activity that managed to create a few different aspects of fun. Finding new activities whilst we are not having visiting is very important just now and this certainly went down well! We will have to do it again”