Have you tried any of Highgate care homes TikTok challenges?Residents at Highgate, nursing, and nursing dementia care home in Uddingston, Glasgow have been having lots of fun over the past few weeks trying out new activities which have taken inspiration from TikTok challenges.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Janine, always has brilliant ideas on what activities the Residents like to do and takes lots of her inspiration from TikTok videos and challenges. 

The first game had Residents using coloured balls, rolling them along a table and trying to stick them onto a large piece of tape. The more balls the Residents stuck to the tape at the end of the table the more points they received. The winner of the game was Margaret who managed to get 9 balls to stick on the tape!

The next game played was ‘cup fishing’. Residents had to use a plastic cup taped to a bendy ruler as their fishing rod, to gather all the other cups up in numeric order only using one hand. Residents needed to use their hand-eye coordination, as well as working out the order of the numbers. Even though the Residents were working under pressure, other Residents and Colleagues were cheering each other on. 

Another game which was well received by all the Residents was called ‘newspaper sweeping’. Janine attached lots of newspaper in a row together and Residents had to use their feet to drag the newspaper forward and under their chair to move the newspaper and try not to let the stack of plastic cups fall! Archie, one of the Residents believed he couldn’t do it but with some encouragement from other Residents and Colleagues he completed the challenge leaving him with a great sense of achievement. 

Getting the Residents moving is something which Janine always encourages and wants the Residents to join in and enjoy the games.

The Residents love all the games and look forward to seeing what Janine has planned. Margaret, always asks, “What have you got us doing today?”

Charlene Curtis, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Janine is great with the Residents, and they all love the activities she has planned in for the week! All of the Residents love a challenge and trying new things.”