Ilford care home Residents celebrate important days in MarchResidents at HC-One’s Seabrooke Manor care home in Ilford celebrated Mother’s Day on the 14th and enjoyed a tipple for St Patricks Day on 17th. 

Mother's Day at Seabrooke Manor was an all-day event. Residents started off the morning with a Mother's Day curated playlist, allowing every mother to choose a song that best describes them. 

The staff, along with wellbeing coordinator hosted an afternoon tea party. The Residents spent the afternoon, reminiscing on the joys of motherhood. They then sang-along to some music while enjoying the celebrations. 

Many residents were very appreciative of the love and attention given to them on their special day.

On 17th March, Residents celebrated St Patricks Day. It was a very lively afternoon, where staff and Residents enjoyed sing-along and danced to some classic Irish folk songs.

Seabrooke Manor wellbeing coordinator was dressed as a leprechaun and the Residents enjoyed watching her dance to Irish music.