MP visits Parklands Care Home for UK Parliament WeekParklands, in Bedwas, Caerphilly, was visited on Friday 18th November by MP for Caerphilly, Wayne David, as the home participated in UK Parliament Week activities from the 14th to 20th November 2022.

The 38-bed residential and nursing care home, which is owned by HC-One, was delighted to mark UK Parliament Week with Residents, Colleagues and MP Wayne David.

UK Parliament Week is an annual event which aims to spread the word about what Parliament is and the roles of local dignitaries, what Parliament and local dignitaries do, and how individuals can get involved, take action and make an impact on the issues they care about. 

Residents and Colleagues of the HC-One owned home enjoyed meeting MP Wayne David for Caerphilly and chatting to him about what life is like at Parklands care home – which is an integral part of the local Caerphilly community.

During Mr Davids’ visit, he also enjoyed chatting to Phyllis Price who recently received her card from the King for her milestone birthday.

Throughout the week, Residents, Colleagues and local dignitaries have enjoyed a variety of fun-filled activities for UK Parliament Week which were enjoyed by all, including exploring the history of all the different Prime Ministers the United Kingdom Everyone in Parklands learned some fascinating information about the major acts each Prime Minister was involved in, which changed history. 

Residents also really enjoyed decorating the home with a "Hall of History" where each Prime Minister’s picture was put up, along with information booklets about them. One resident decided to send a copy for her sister, who enjoys reading about history.

Teresa Summerhayes, a Resident at Parklands, said: 
“This booklet is really interesting, and I never knew we had this many Prime Ministers.”

The UK Parliament week concluded with a spectacular buffet which was organised by Head Chef Paula, who is known around the home as ‘Cookie’. Mr David said he couldn’t resist a piece of Cookie’s famous Bara Brith and a cuppa, whilst chatting to everyone during the buffet.

Kristofer Davies, Home Administrator at Parklands Care Home, commented:
"Parklands was happy to take part in UK parliament week and have learnt so much about reading about the many prime ministers the UK has had this has been a great educational week for everyone in Parklands and the Residents who actively took part has really enjoyed it.”
“We were delighted to welcome MP Wayne David to our home to mark UK Parliament Week 2022. Everyone had a great time learning about UK Parliament, discussing key issues they care about and what actions can be taken to overcome them.”