Neath care home resident attends Ladies Day at the Races as part of home’s ‘Dream Tree Initiative’Rita John, who lives at HC-One’s Cwrt-Clwydi-Gwyn care home, in Neath, recently told staff that she would love to be able to go to the races. So, on Friday 25th August, she put her best dress on and attended Ladies Day at Ffos Las Racecourse.

The trip was organised as part of the ‘Dream Tree Initiative’ at the care home, where residents hang their wish on a tree and then plans are put in place to try and ensure as many residents as possible have their wish come true. Previously, there’s been a trip to Swansea City AFC for resident Colin, Verna tried skiing for the first time, and Muriel enjoyed an afternoon tea served by a butler. This week was Rita’s turn, and she did it in style!

Ladies Day at Ffos Las Racecourse, which is around a 40-minute drive from the care home, was booked for the experience, so that everyone could go all out and get dressed up for the occasion. 

Rita was joined by her daughter Jackie and granddaughter Adele. Colleagues at the home also accompanied the group including Area Director Eileen Coyle-Jones, who set up the Dream Tree Initiative, Home Manager Lisa Llewellyn, and Wellbeing Coordinators Denise and Claire. 

A huge amount of preparation had gone into ensuring Rita looked and felt fabulous on the day, which included a new outfit and fascinator. The home’s hairdresser came in early on Friday morning to ensure her hair was done then off the group headed in the home’s minibus to Ffos Las Racecourse, in Trimsaran.

Rita had a wonderful day and smiled all the way from when she left the home to getting back. 

The weather was not great, but it didn't spoil the day. Rita really enjoyed her blush prosecco; only wanting a tiny drop but then deciding it was very nice, so she wanted to have some more!

It was a great day, watching the horses together and cheering them on. The group managed to put their seats right next to the fence by the finish line, so Rita could sit down between the races, and then stand up and watch the action as it went by. 

Rita John, commented,
“It was brilliant and very different. I had the most wonderful day with all my family and the team at the home are the extra special ones!"

Rita’s granddaughter Adele added,
“Thank you so much for making such special memories for us as a family.”

Eileen Coyle-Jones, HC-One’s Area Director of South Wales, said,
“It was an amazing day, to see Rita’s joy at being all dressed up and spending that day with all her family making special memories was so fabulous. The smile on her face tells the story.”

Lisa Llewellyn, Cwrt-Clwydi-Gwyn Home Manager, said,
“This was an amazing day Rita loved every minute; from the minute she woke up, having a pamper morning and getting all dressed up.”