Northwich Resident turns 105At HC-One’s Daneside Court residential and nursing care home, in Cheshire, a tea party was held for Molly who turned 105 on 8th December. 

A small tea party was organised to help celebrate Molly Allmark’s 105th birthday. Molly didn’t want a lot of fuss, so it was a small celebration with Residents and Colleagues. 

The school children from Charles Darwin Primary School, in Northwich, also came to sing Christmas Carols outside as part of Molly’s special day. 

One of the Residents said, “Aren’t the children wonderful?!”

Molly was thrilled, enjoying the music. Colleagues commented that it was lovely to see the delight in her eyes and smile. 

It was such a wonderful afternoon, and the children were eager to please and sounded delightful, bringing tears to eyes and touching hearts. 

Colleagues made Molly’s afternoon pleasing with a small buffet, along with tea and birthday cake. 

There was also lots of good company from her friends from within the care home who came to wish her well. Molly would say her longevity is being kept safe in the care home, along with a plentiful supply of biscuits and cup of teas and company of others. 

Samantha Farahat, Care Home Manager, commented, “105 years young, Molly is such an inspirational lady. Listening to the children singing Christmas Carols and wishing Molly a very Happy Birthday was a very special moment to capture.”