Remembrance Day commemorations at Shelton LockThis month at Shelton Lock in Derby, which provides residential and nursing care, Residents have been decorating their house to pay respect for the upcoming Remembrance Day.

Residents had been assisted in making some poppy decorations to be put up around the care home, creating homemade wreaths and banners. However, Residents wanted something a little more permanent around to pay their respects to the armed forces past and present. Jigsaws at Shelton Lock are very popular among most of the Residents and also Colleagues, with pieces being added to it as they pass by. It was decided that they would pick out jigsaws with a military theme which would be framed at put on the wall in the main corridor. 

Along with the other items, flags were also hung down the corridor and from the ceiling. The garden has also seen a nice range of different poppy displays added to it, with a cross made out poppies displayed on the tree, and also poppies have been added to some of the furniture. The wall in the main corridor will also be added to over the next couple of days in anticipation of Remembrance Day. One Resident commented, “The wall is really taking shape, its lovely to think that we are all playing a part in the jigsaws, it will be there for all” whilst another said, “I love the poppy displays, the garden looks really pretty”. 

Nicola, the Home Manager commented, “The wall decoration was the Residents idea and have played a pivotal role in its design, it will be and on going project”.