Residents at Greenways Court enjoy a trip out to Orchard Cottage at Beamish MuseumThe Residents at Greenways Court in Consett which offers residential and residential memory care, for those living with dementia enjoyed a trip out to Orchard Cottage at Beamish Museum.

The Resident took part by making toast with a toasting fork, followed by a lovely cup of tea!  They then enjoyed a memorabilia session where there was a suitcase full of unusual things used back in the days.

Afterwards the staff decided that it would be a good idea to get more Residents to come and visit, and this has now been organised by Lisa Knight the Area Manager who has kindly agreed to Area 32 sharing a yearly pass to Beamish Museum.

This will provide much more scope for the Residents and a positive effect on everyone’s wellbeing.
Colin one of the Residents commented, “I would love to go again soon as I enjoyed the day very much”.

Kinga Kowaliczek, Care Home Manager said, “I think all of Area 32 will get so much use out of this pass, so a big thank you to Lisa Knight for arranging this for everyone”.