Sensory poodle statue donated to Highgate care homeResidents at Highgate, nursing, and nursing dementia care home, in Uddington, have recently received a very special donation.
On the morning of the 6th of March, a member of the local community donated a large sensory poodle statue for the Residents.

The lady who donated the poodle reminisced about how her mother was in a care home and she loved having her pet with her to talk too.

Residents in the Clyde Unit decided on the name ‘Charlie’ and everyone including the staff couldn’t resist petting him. Margaret Paton, a Resident, remarked, “Oh Charlie, who is a lovely boy!”

A furry friend can also provide companionship, a better quality of life, some physical activity and can reduce feelings of loneliness. Mary McGregor, another Resident, commented, “I used to have a dog like Charlie called Sparky!”

There was a huge feeling of unconditional love in the room. 

Charlene Curtis, Care Home Manager, added, “You could see how much joy Charlie was bringing to the Residents, it was a sudden change, and everyone was wanting to pet him.”