Shop reopened at Huddersfield care homeIt was a special day at HC-One’s The Oakes care home in Huddersfield as the home’s shop was restored to its former glory.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Lisa Bailey worked hard to give the home’s shop some well deserved TLC, she spoke with the Residents to identify the items that they would like to see available in the shop before heading to the shops to stock up on goods.

The shelves were restocked on Residents were able to ​pick their desired items from the selection, one Resident commented: “It’s wonderful to have our little shop back up and running again, I really value our trips there.”

The Oakes Home Manager, Macheala Parker said: “Thank you to Lisa for giving the shop the much needed attention it was missing, the smiles on everyone’s face really said it all.”

Located on Chesilton Avenue, The Oakes care home offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen that require residential care and residential memory care for those living with dementia