TikTok challenges are a huge hit at Highgate care homeResidents at Highgate, nursing, and nursing dementia care home, in Uddingston, are still on the hype of TikTok and are always finding new ways to have fun.

Janine, Wellbeing Coordinator, loved getting her wellbeing activities from the social media app, TikTok. 

Janine made the game from a piece of cardboard, and the Residents had to place the milk carton cap on the start circle then tap the bottom of the cardboard to get the cap to the win zone. Some residents used spoons others decided to use their hands.

John loved playing the game and he said, “ I want 10 percent when you make millions for these new games.”

Residents started off with one cap then we went all the way up to 4 caps at a time. This took balance, concentration, and determination.

All of the Residents loved getting involved in these new games and love how they are all handmade by Janine. She told the Residents that she can’t take credit for all the games as they come from the TikTok app.

Robert, another Resident, remarked, “You’ve really thought of everything, and if you don’t have it, you make it!” This made everyone laugh.

Charlene Curtis, Care Home Manager, added, “The Residents are really loving all the new activities which Janine is finding on TikTok, it is really great!”