When the zoo came to Sheraton Court care homeA very special visit from some zoo animals was so much fun for Residents at Sheraton Court care home in Hartlepool.

On the afternoon of the 20th of November the care home had a first fabulous visit from Rob and his animals from Zoolab including William the boa constrictor, Mulan the rat, Bella Trix the tarantula, Elma the tortoise, cockroaches and a millipede. 

This visit had the lounge full as 17 Residents joined in with the activity. They had a lovely time with some being braver than others when meeting the animals, which brought back memories from holidays and family. 

Residents of the residential and residential dementia care home were surprised by how some of the animals felt, how cold the snake was, how soft the rat was and how cute the tortoise was. 

Resident, Sybil Thompson, said, “Oh wow William the snake feels so lovely.” And Resident, Maureen Edwards, added, “Mulan the rat is so soft and cute.”

Some of the Colleagues were inquisitive about the animals too and joined Residents when they could.

Zoolab was such a fun and different activity, the Residents has such a good afternoon and are keen for other animals to come back their home soon! 

Connie Gray, a Resident, commented, “That was a wonderful, a really lovely afternoon!”

Carole Thomson, Care Home Manager, added, “After seeing Zoolab going into other homes how could we not invite them to Sheraton Court. The Residents had a great time, we are so glad we organised the activity.”