HC-One celebrates International Nurses DayEvery year on May 12th, we celebrate International Nurses Day, a chance to recognise the incredible contributions that nurses make to healthcare around the world.

As we commemorate International Nurses Day, HC-One takes immense pride in celebrating the dedicated Nurses who bring our commitment of caring with kindness to life in our homes. Their unwavering dedication, expertise, and compassion are truly what make HC-One care homes a special place for our residents.

Every member of our kind care team brings unique experiences, perspectives, and unwavering dedication to providing exceptional care to our residents. Let's hear directly from some of our incredible Nurses about their journey, motivations, and the rewarding aspects of working in the care sector.
Kelly Smith, Head of Nursing at HC-One

Kelly's journey into Nursing began with a profound inspiration from her mother, a healthcare worker in a residential home. She said: "I have always wanted to be a Nurse! I don’t remember wanting to be anything else.

“I used to spend a lot of time with the residents when I was growing up! My mum’s passion and connection with the people she supported inspired me to pursue a career in Nursing.”

These are values she now carries forward in her care for residents. Kelly added: “I love building and sustaining relationships, focusing on enabling people to live their best life. Nursing in the care sector allows Nurses to take time to really know and understand the people we care for.  The approach is holistic, and it is an honour to be part of peoples’ lives in such a meaningful and sustainable way.”

For aspiring Nurses, Kelly's advice is simple yet powerful: "Go for it! It isn’t easy, but nothing rewarding is ever easy."
Sue Watson, Home Manager

Sue is the Home Manager at Pytchley Court Care Home in Brixworth, but she originally trained as a Nurse, and is often seen in her scrubs! Similar to Kelly, Sue’s Nursing legacy also runs deep in her family, with her mother and daughter both being Nurses. As a dual-qualified Nurse, it’s a role that Sue feels she was born into.

“You have to have a lot of kindness, a lot of empathy,” she said. “My advice to anyone starting out would be to get some experience first, preferably in a care home as a carer. That’s really important I think.”

The importance of practical experience in particular is why Sue’s team is so supportive of Nursing students looking for a placement. With this, Sue is not only continuing the legacy of Nursing in her own family, but nurturing future Nurses within HC-One. 

Gloria Komolafe, Registered Nurse

For others, the calling came through a personal experience. Gloria’s journey into Nursing began over two decades ago when she witnessed the kindness and care provided by Nurses to her family member.

She remembers the kindness and empathy Nurses showed her family member during a hospital stay back in Nigeria. This spark of inspiration ignited a lifelong passion for nursing for Gloria.

"I saw the care those Nurses gave to her, and then extended their empathy towards the family,” she said. “It's something that struck me and I thought to myself, I would like to care for people like this in the future.

“Nurses are with their patients 24/7, so we have more interaction with not only the patients but with their families. It takes a lot of empathy and compassion to put yourself in their shoes, and understand the crisis that they may be going through.”
Jill Bell, Resident and former Nurse

Jill is a resident living at Falstone Court Care Home in Roker. Following in the footsteps of her father, who was a doctor, Jill’s Nursing journey started at the Glasgow Victoria Infirmary training hospital. This was until she moved to Sunderland after getting married, where she continued her work as a nurse travelling to various schools and clinics in the area.

Despite the challenges she’ll have no doubt faced, Jill particularly enjoyed the variety that working as a Nurse offered, and the different people she got to meet along the way. When asked what qualities makes a good Nurse, Jill responded: “Someone who’s interested in people.”

Speaking to aspiring Nurses, Jill added: "Go for it! There's so many different aspects of Nursing that you can try.”
Jo Moon, Registered General Nurse and Clinical Lead

Jo is currently working as a Registered General Nurse and Clinical Lead at Priory Gardens Care Home in Pontefract. With over two decades of experience, it has always been Jo’s lifelong dream to become a Nurse after being inspired by other members of her family – often dressing up in an apron and stethoscope as a child!

To succeed as a Nurse, Jo emphasised the importance of caring with kindness, showing empathy, and staying committed to continuous learning.

She also encourages aspiring Nurses to embrace the challenges and rewards of Nursing with enthusiasm. She said: "Its hard work, its challenging and it can be daunting, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Celebrating our Nurses every day and on International Nurses Day

At HC-One, we're incredibly proud of our dedicated Nursing teams. Their unwavering commitment to our residents is a true testament to the kindness and compassion that guides us in our care.  

We celebrate their dedication and expertise every day, but especially on International Nurses Day.  Thank you, Nurses, for all that you do! 

If you’re interested in finding out more more about Nursing careers at HC-One, visit our careers website.
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