A hilarious baking disaster at Huddersfield care homeResidents and Colleagues have enjoyed a good laugh after a hilarious baking disaster at HC-One’s The Oakes care home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The Residents and a Wellbeing Coordinator were tasked with cheering the home up by taking part in a baking challenge, made easier by a state-of-the-art portable bun oven.

Residents whisked up a batch of perfect cake batter using ingredients supplied by the home’s chef. It was all going well until a Wellbeing Coordinator at the home was given the task of pouring the mixture into the cake cases.

Having never been much of a baker, the Colleague was surprised at how easily she completed the task and, proud of her new-found baking skills, patiently waited for the timer to buzz on the bun oven.

Any dreams of contending on The Great British Bake Off were dashed when she opened the oven to see eight tiny buns looking back at her. Residents burst into laughter upon seeing the sad little cakes, an accident the Wellbeing Coordinator will never live down.

One Resident commented: “I have never laughed so much! Such disappointing little cakes.”

There was laughter throughout the home as Residents showed off the Colleague’s efforts. What began as a baking session evolved into something much more that has now been dubbed ‘laughter therapy’.